The Fluid Intelligence journey began as a quest to become industry’s next generation Subject Matter Experts, revolutionizing how the energy sectors look at water. We have assembled a team of technical experts including scientists, engineers, and technologists, to provide Oil & Gas, Geothermal & Mineral Mining operators with access to highly qualified and passionate water chemistry experts. As professional consultants we are unbiased and provide valuable technical advice on an as needed basis, aligning resources and costs directly with your operational challenges.


Our combined industry experience and technical expertise enables us to develop practical and economic solutions. Through a foundation of collaboration and knowledge transfer, we build trust from the field to the boardroom. Together, we collect quality field-level data, conduct on-site testing, implement customized design of experiments, evaluate technologies from benchtop to field execution, provide independent third-party assessment of chemistries and technologies, liaise with vendors on behalf of our clients, and advise cross functional business units to achieve continuous improvement.


We pride ourselves on the technical integrity of data and application of scientific process to support our client’s business decisions and continuously strive to raise the bar for excellence. Our commitment is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience in every one of our services and solutions.


Bring your range of challenges to Fluid Intelligence for a complete solution with a single partner. Fluid Intelligence supports energy sector resource development and production optimization for upstream, midstream, oil sands in-situ, oil sands mining, geothermal & mineral mining operations. The strength of our solutions is rooted in our ability to efficiently understand your challenge and work from field collection and laboratory analysis, through to technical interpretation and solution recommendations. We believe that knowledge builds strength, which is why we are excited to share our knowledge with the front-line teams, solving water and production related challenges on a daily basis.

Our business is founded on knowledge and integrity. We are independent and by choosing not to sell chemicals or equipment, we eliminate any potential bias from our recommendations.


Cross-functional technical support for client projects encompassing inlet treatment, water chemistry, production chemicals, water treatment, and Produced Water reuse for applications including hydraulic fracturing, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), SAGD, mineral mining, and geothermal production. We have a wealth of domain knowledge and experience that guides and informs recommendations for the range of projects we undertake.


Fluid Intelligence believes the best insights to the challenging issues are found in the field and we aren’t afraid to get out there to find them. We provide on-site field assessments to evaluate existing treatment programs, troubleshoot process upsets, and identify opportunities for chemical program optimizations.

We execute field sampling projects to understand the origin of the sample, reasons for sampling, specifics about the sample point while generating field data for critical parameters.


Fluid Intelligence can conduct blind testing or support field trials to independently evaluate chemical and vendor performance for water treatment in the Oil & Gas sector. Our expertise can be used to establish baseline data for RFP processes and provide consistent evaluation practices for all chemicals being assessed. Selecting the right chemical, applying it at the optimal dose rate, and ensuring efficient delivery can dramatically enhance results while reducing costs.


Getting the right data and ensuring data integrity from your laboratory pro­vider is of utmost importance when using this data for critical business deci­sions. We ensure you get the most out of your analysis by supporting sam­ple collection and recommended analysis, right through to overseeing quality control of data received. In 2022 we are launching in-house Laboratory Services, highly equipped and expertly staffed to bring you a unique analytical experience.


Expand your Fluid IQ by participating in one of the Fluid Intelligence customized technical training courses for Field Operations and Production Engineers. Technical Training curriculum topics include sample collection, inlet treating, water chemistry, inorganic scale, corrosion, microbiology, water treatment, Produced Water reuse for hydraulic fracturing, disposal well fundamentals, and project specific injection water quality assessments. Enhanced knowledge leads to high value conversations among your team and more in-depth conversations with your service providers.


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